Our First Home As Husband and Wife

My husband and I started looking for our first apartment together about two months before we were married. I was living at home with my parents, and he had his own apartment already. It was too small for the both of us though, so I started looking at bigger Florissant MO apartments just in case it took me a while to find the one that we wanted to live in.

I was so happy when I looked at Crossing at Northpointe, which is a complex that is about midway between both of our jobs. That is really not bad, considering that we only work about six miles from one another! Anyway, the apartment has everything either one of us could want for our first apartment together. He likes it because it has so much more than what the apartment he had been living in for nearly a year had.

I liked it because it was nice and affordable, and this was going to be our very first home together. I am a hopeless romantic, so that alone had me really excited. We looked at the amenities offered there, and we knew that we were going to enjoy living there. There is a swimming pool that is pretty large, plus a clubhouse where all kinds of events happen. We are both really sociable, so we knew that we would end up having a lot of fun with new friends there.

The apartment itself is great too. Even though it is just the two of us, we still wanted a two bedroom apartment because we have too much stuff to fit in a one bedroom. We are going to use the second bedroom as a library, craft room, home office and anything else we can think of. Maybe one day soon we will even use it as a nursery!