A Radio Ad Helped Me Find Some Quick Entertainment

Good friends told me that they were going to surprise me with a visit to my town. I was excited about getting to see them, but also feeling very pressured that I needed to come up with ways to keep them entertained. I work about 50 hours per week at work and have a child, so I don’t have a lot of free time. One night, on the way home an ad for http://platinumpartybus.ca came on the radio. I listened intently while the ad continued on to tell me about all the things that ou can do with a party bus. As soon as it ended, I picked up my cell phone and called them. I figured that they could me with keeping my friends happy and entertained.

I was really happy to hear that they offer winery tours. I had been thinking of taking my girlfriends to one winery nearby. But the thought of a big bus taking us altogether to many of them seemed far more interesting. Not only that, you can drink on the bus itself. You can also ask to stop at a restaurant or shopping areas if you like, too. The possibilities seemed endless. And the best part is that I realized that it could easily take up to half a day to see all the things I thought we should see. So that meant that at least one day of fun had been figured out.

I soon became busy with work and did not have time to come up with any other plans. My girlfriends arrived, and apologized to them for not having a lot more things planned. I told them that we were going to visit a variety of wineries and stop for food on a luxury vehicle, though. They really liked the sound of that immediately. Outside of that, they were happy to just hang around my house with me, which was really nice.